Tips To Enhance Your Website Speed

Without images, most websites would look like a massive wall of text. WordPress resizes the image — sometimes the images are resized in order to suit performance. It is recommended that you choose a professional CDN service such as Amazon's Cloudfront or Akamai (via Rackspace Cloud Files ). You can use the W3 Total Cache plugin to integrate your site with the CDN.

If the website you're designing does not rely on showcasing high quality images, we usually export our images in photoshop at 50%-75%, depending on what they're being used for on the website. If you're into optimizing images by yourself, you should first find out what's their maximum display size.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images will look familiar to users of TinyPNG; it's the plugin version of that tool. Although the majority of WordPress themes are responsive, that doesn't necessarily mean that your images are responsive as well. A: If you losslessly compress your images, no. Lossless compression is simply reorganizing your image data into a more compact and efficient form.

I'll also list some of the most useful WordPress plugins that help you optimize your images. Many JPEG files do not use optimal compression, wasting valuable bytes. However, it can be hard to choose among the top tools for doing so - such as deciding between Imagify vs WP Smush vs ShortPixel vs Optimole.

In WordPress 4.5, there is a major decrease in the file size of photos resized by WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to increase or decrease JPEG image compression in WordPress. While I used to like WP Smush they are expensive and their free version is terrible 50 images is useless.

ShortPixel is simple to use a plugin that lets you compress images with minimum fuss. Furthermore, you can easily test the optimization parameters and the quality of your images with a single click. Both ShortPixel and TinyPNG WordPress plugins offer bulk optimization, thumbnail optimization, and CMYK to RGB conversion, which means ShortPixel Image Optimizer you can compress and optimize your clients' old blog photos in minutes.